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Jumbo Electronics sees the popularity of cloud technology on smart devices soar

  • Consumer demand for smartphones with more powerful cameras and seamless performance grows
  • Smartphones expected to retain position as top-sellers, with wearables, phablets and smart TVs following as highly preferred product categories

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 28 September 2017:
The future belongs to the versatile and the flexible, and cloud technology is demonstrating how relevant it is to customers this Gitex Shopper, the region’s largest consumer technology exhibition.

According to Jumbo Electronics, the leading OmniChannel retailer in the UAE, one overarching trend in the consumer electronics industry is the soaring consumer demand for smartphones with more powerful cameras and seamless performance. As smartphone cameras become more advanced, more data is required in order to save necessary content on devices.

Several consumers are turning to cloud storage as a reliable back-ups for their content, in the absence of hard capacity such as external hard disks.

“In terms of the trend, for example, in the past, the iPhone entry level device initially had only 16Gb worth of storage. Today, 64Gb devices have become the entry-level devices and are the norm; jumping straight to 256Gb devices - with no other permutations in between. This is a direct indicator of changing consumer needs; today’s customer wants more physical data to be available on their phones,” said Nadeem Khanzadah, Head of OmniChannel Retail at Jumbo Group.

There has also been significant focus on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), due to increasing consumer demand for new experiences and sensory experiences. Innovation and immersive experiences are at the forefront of consumer technology, and are some of the biggest factors impacting the latest trends.

“With the launch of the much awaited iPhone X, we’re expecting to see far more content in the AR space, which will give the industry a significant push,” Nadeem Khanzadah continued.

In addition, according to Jumbo, technology is taking up more wallet share in this day and age due to consumer demand for variety and the best functionality.

Nadeem Khanzadah further elaborated, “Smartphone users in affluent Middle Eastern countries like the United Arab Emirates are more likely to make mobile purchases than their Western counterparts. In order to cater to this need, Jumbo provides consumers with a 365 days trade in offer. Consumers can walk into Jumbo stores with any phone or laptop to have them evaluated by Jumbo staff, and then receive an estimated value for the products which would be reduced from their purchase.”

At this edition of Gitex, Jumbo’s range of offers with premium giveaways on smartphones, laptops, TVs and gaming products have been received extremely well by consumers. The company is also expecting an increase in wearable technologies, VR products, drones and high-end gaming products.