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Key Business Verticals

The most trusted OmniChannel Retail since 1974 with customer experience surpassing standards

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A trusted system integrator and ICT solutions provider capable of delivering large projects expeditiously

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One of the largest distributors in the region for major brands such as Sony, Dyson, Lava and many others across UAE and OGCC Read more

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Our inspiration to take uncharted courses stems from our distinctive understanding of the Middle East, the people that live here, their challenges and needs...

Jumbo 3D Manufacturing

Jumbo 3D Manufacturing is our latest business venture that... Read more

Jumbo Serve

Jumbo Serve offers after-sales for 15 categories across 40... Read more

Jumbo Force

Jumbo Force provides outstanding service levels to... Read more

Jumbo Logistics

Jumbo Logistics has over the last 20 years, helped brands grow their... Read more


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There’s plenty happening across all our business units. Take a sneak peak...

To encourage photography enthusiasts, Jumbo launched Shutterbugs, an exclusive annual contest. The second edition of Jumbo Shutterbugs kickstarted on 10th November 2018.

Jumbo Group has launched its latest company Jumbo 3D Manufacturing LLC and inaugurated the first 3D application development center in the Middle East.

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