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Jumbo Engineering showcases sustainable cooling solutions at WETEX 2016

Innovative Toro Watt Dual Path Technology to save up to 60% of power cost in air conditioning 

4 October 2016, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Jumbo Engineering, a business unit of Jumbo Group, is exhibiting sustainable cooling solutions from Toro Watt at this year’s Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2016, being held at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from 4-6 October. 

At the event, Jumbo Engineering will showcase Toro Dual Path Technology based products, highlighting how they can help reduce the region’s carbon footprint by increasing annual energy savings by 30-50%, reducing connected load by 20% to 40% and costs by up to 60%, and reducing ozone depleting greenhouse gases by 50%. 

“Due to the region’s hot climate, the GCC has amongst the highest per capita consumption of electricity in the world, and over 60% of that is used for air conditioning,” said Masood Raza, General Manager, Jumbo Engineering. “Power consumption is expected to rise as the region’s population grows and the economy diversifies further. This can create challenges, not just for the infrastructure but also the environment. At Jumbo, we believe in supporting the region’s admirable initiatives for sustainable and responsible growth, and have partnered with Toro Watt to bring a range of commercial, industrial and residential air conditioning products using natural refrigerants that enhance the use of clean technology, improve sustainability and offer unparalleled energy efficiency with a short payback period,” he added. 

Air Conditioning has been identified as a major contributor to CO2 emissions and climate change over the past century. But the current solution of incremental efficiency improvements at a constantly escalated cost is not able to justify the returns on investment. Additionally, conventional air handling units are isolated from favourable ambient conditions, hence they treat all seasons as humid and waste energy by over cooling. No matter how efficient or reliable a chiller may be, the overall energy efficiency of the system remains poor. 

Toro Watt offers a range of replacement and retrofit dual path technology solutions to conventional high energy consumption air conditioning. The core idea of dual path technology is to treat sensible and latent loads independently using hybrid air handling units. Toro Watt also offers an outstanding heat recovery system based on dual path technology, with no cross contamination between the exhaust air stream and fresh air stream. It utilises the most cost effective and refrigerant free technology (recycling condensate) that uses only 10 watts/TR (ton of refrigeration) for removing sensible heat instead of 1500 watts/TR consumed by conventional products. Latent heat and residual sensible heat requires less than 700 watts/TR during peak load conditions. 

The Jumbo Engineering stand is located at the Innovation area in Hall No. 8 at WETEX.

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