Fortified in Trust

Jumbo started with its digital footprint and launched its e-commerce platform in 2014. But a technology-first approach is integral to the company and keeping true to its strategic diversification aim, the company opted for an upgrade when it embarked on an organization-wide Digital Transformation journey. They wanted a modern, best-in-class platform that would offer more operational flexibility and allow the brand an opportunity to scale up easily. Jumbo also wanted superior safety and security features and improved UI/UX for a truly frictionless customer experience. Besides, the team felt a Progressive Web Application (PWA) would help them cater to the growing mobile shoppers in the UAE. Today, by implementing the right technology and after having undergone a list of upgrades, Jumbo’s application can be accessed within a user’s browser and does not require a direct download on to user’s device, thereby saving storage space. This pioneering step allows the customer to stay agile on their journey with the brand.

Journey of growth
The journey and evolution of Jumbo Electronics Co. Ltd (LLC) are deeply intertwined with the growth of the UAE as a nation and are synchronous with the success stories of the brands that we represent. It’s a tribute to the vision and foresight of the Founder Manohar Rajaram Chhabria, who established it as a trading business in 1973, just a year after the UAE was formed. Years of growth and consolidation followed since its inception with Jumbo emerging as a distribution partner of choice for reputed brands including Casio, Dyson, PlayStation, Weber and Hisense, to name a few.

Apart from serving the customer through a robust e-commerce platform and a long list of on-ground stores, Jumbo has a strong relationship with the business ecosystem too. From helping with distribution for key brands to partnering with them for growth, the brand has over the last few decades, strongly built an extensive network of trust for the entire ecosystem. In fact, Jumbo holds each aspect of the ecosystem as its pillar for growth.

Modeled for convenience
Knowing the customer like the back of your hand is the value proposition that Jumbo wants to create with its products and services. Whether a customer walks into a store or shops online or uses multiple channels to complete their shopping journey, Jumbo offers the same experience and user-friendliness all across platforms. Today, one can shop with Jumbo in multiple ways and even the Chatbot to the customer service executive on ground is trained to understand the customer and then assist them on their shopping journey. Vikas says understanding the trend and shopping behaviour is important and “we use the same to train our staff or streamline the processes we put in place. This makes us agile, ready, and very active in a click,” he adds.

Further, to make the process of buying more customer-friendly, Jumbo puts to action quicker deliveries riding on its own last-mile ecosystem, unwired team for quick servicing and installation, easy returns, and a host of payment options. The brand is robust about digital integrations and invests a lot of manpower and funds to always connect the dots with the right service and human intervention alongside technology upgrades to stay closer to the customer. This is where Vikas says that it helps them create a legacy that rundown generations without having to nudge them with forced marketing.

Upgrading for agility
Staying motivated to give the customer access to world-class services an upgrade has been recently done on the website. The website conversion has gone up, the bounce rate has gone down and customer engagement time has increased. The advantage offered by PWA aside, the new site also features:

  • One Step Checkout for faster transactions
  • Trade-in Feature to facilitate exchange online
  • Appointment scheduler for store visits to have personalized and exclusive previews
  • Personalized search and recommend shopping experience to the customer
  • Cart reminders and personalized follow-ups to the customer for better conversion

With such technology upgrades and maintaining an agile storefront, Jumbo has been able to pull 15% of its sales through its online channels and the team hopes to grow to 30% in the next 3-5 years.