Jumbo Serve awarded for Exceptional After Sales and Customer Service 2019

We are proud to announce that Jumbo Serve, the service division of Jumbo Group, has won the ‘Exceptional After Sales and Customer Service Award for 2019’ from Axis Communications, during their annual partners meeting.

Jumbo Group has partnered with Axis Communications, a market leader in network cameras and security solutions, since 2018. As a part of this tie-up Jumbo Serve is the authorized partner to service & repair Axis Communcations’ CCTV cameras in the Middle East & Africa region.

Customers from across the region send their security cameras directly to Jumbo Serve’s state of the art service centres, where the devices are tested by Jumbo’s expert technicians who repair non-functional units or replace non-repairable units with new ones. Jumbo Serve works on an extremely quick turn-around time and 90% of the devices are sent back to their owners within 3 days

The award was granted to Jumbo Serve for the exceptional results during the two years of partnership. Throughout this collaboration, Axis’ business has seen a 100% growth with over 400 cameras being repaired every month by Jumbo Serve. Jumbo Serve has been instrumental in providing quick service support to Axis in the region with exceptional SLA results and efficient end user service.