Celebrating trailblazing women in MENA retail

A word that best describes you as a leader.
People-oriented. I’m always conscious that it’s not just my family’s fortune that is tied to Jumbo but that of 2,500 employees and their families. Contrary to what most people think, I believe you can be assertive and compassionate at the same time. While still affording individuals the freedom to work independently, I remain focused and pay attention to details. Today, I see myself more as a mentor offering strategic direction for achieving our long-term business goals while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and integrity of our teams.

What do you consider as your biggest legacy/achievement, so far?
Legacy, as some say, is not defined at the end of the road. From the very beginning of our journey, we’ve taken the cue from this amazing nation. The aspirational vision set forth by the UAE’s rulers spurred our growth, transformation and helped us prepare for the future. Matching stride for stride, in December 2023 – the same month the UAE will turn 53 – Jumbo will turn 50. The journey alongside the nation has been both exhilarating and challenging. All along, I’ve tried to uphold the values of my late husband and held myself accountable to build upon those to strengthen our business. To have played a part in shaping this 50-year-old organisation is a matter of great pride.

What will be your three major focus areas to strengthen the business in 2023?
• Growth initiatives:
For the past two years we’ve been seeding and investing in growth initiatives within all our businesses. As a result, we’ll see the addition of new brands, launch of new services and solutions and the expansion of our geographical footprint.

• Customer experience:
As we continue to accelerate digital transformation the focus this year is to also use technology to make our customer experience even more hassle-free. The newly upgraded is one such effort. We are also constantly monitoring evolving technologies to make our customer experience more interactive and immersive.

• Stewardship of ESG:
At Jumbo, we’re making conscious efforts to make ESG processes an important part of our strategy. Even historically, our governance framework has been sturdy, but we want to minimise any room for errors. We’ve taken decisive measures to increase the transparency and accountability of our processes and are exploring ways to give back to society through meaningful partnerships with charitable organisations.