Success Stories

JumboForce launches Lenovo Mobiles in the region


Lenovo Mobiles (formerly known as Motorola) approached JumboForce for setting up their sales and marketing functions in the UAE and GCC region.


As Lenovo was new to the region they wanted to tie up with an experienced partner to help set up their sales force from scratch. Brand was new to the region and competition was highly entrenched.

The Jumbo Advantage

With Jumbo group’s wide distribution network and a valuable sales force, JumboForce was perfectly positioned to introduce the Lenovo brand to the GCC.

To successfully penetrate a competitive market, Jumbo executed an innovative Go-to-Market (GTM) plan based on shared risks and returns. To better understand the market, we conducted a market research and developed a portfolio to suit customers need. To attract talent, recruitment drives were executed, and a customized training program ensured that quality standards are upheld. Organization structure was clearly defined, and employees were motivated through a compelling compensation and a progressive rewards program.

With the help of JumboForce’s high quality services, Lenovo grew their sales staff to over 90 in the UAE and GCC countries.


JumboForce’s quality recruitment, training and management services has ensured that Lenovo’s sale force has faced very low levels of attrition and helped the brand in negotiating the highly volatile mobility market of the region. After 5 years of success, JumboForce remains the only manpower provider for Lenovo mobiles. This model has also helped other brands such as Lava to introduce their services to the market.