Success Stories

Jumbo Serve improves customer satisfaction for Sony DSLR Cameras


Sony is renowned for its DSLR cameras. However, as demand for these cameras grew, the competition with other brands also increased. To improve the value for its customers, Sony wanted to focus on forging a close relationship and enhancing their experience with the brand.

Jumbo’s expertise:

Jumbo recognized the need to enhance customer experience and adopted the Japanese philosophy of Omotenashi or focusing solely on adding value to a customer’s experience. A bespoke service network was constructed by Jumbo, demonstrating Sony’s expertise in DSLR cameras. Reflecting the brand’s superior technological excellence, the network included:

  • An exclusive counter at stores for customers
  • Tracking each customer interaction point
  • Providing customers with regular updates on the progress of repair
  • Implementing processes in collaboration with the brand to achieve a fast turnaround time (TAT) in completing the service, and
  • Avoiding unnecessary delays caused by lack of spare parts


Implementing this strategy helped us improve Sony’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction. Exceptional service prompted good publicity and word of mouth recommendations among customers. This also improved customer participation in value-added services at the brand’s store and significantly increased service revenue. Focusing on customer’s feedback helped us recognize room for improvements and preventive measure were adopted to avoid any negative experiences.